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The best way to submit a Help Desk Ticket for an HMIS related problem OR request is to use the support button below, providing all of the details of your request. The more specific you are, the quicker we can reply to your ticket.

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You can also login for additional information with tracking of your tickets and a knowledge base of support information through our Zendesk application.


Consent and Client Data Sharing

Q: Can I verbally ask the client to share their data in HMIS?

A: No. Per HUD mandate, users must have a signed client consent form to share project level data in HMIS. Verbal consent and/or consent from reading the posted Release of Information is sufficient for entering client demographic information into HMIS only.

HUD and HMIS Definitions

Q: Where can I find definitions related to HMIS and HUD, including chronically homeless, disabling condition, and other definitions?

A: Visit our HMIS Data Definitions and the HUD Resources page.

Disabling Condition

Q: How is a Disabling Condition determined?

A: Evidence of Diagnosis of Disabling Condition and severity must be documented and on file. Requirements may vary by federal funding programs. Detailed guidance around acceptable documentation should be provided and found within the HUD Program Manuals.

Gaining Access HMIS

Q:  I have a new user or project that needs to be setup in HMIS. How do I do that?

A:  Please send an email to to inquire about the onboarding process.

HMIS Password Reset

Q:  I locked myself out of HMIS or forgot my password. How do I get it reset?

A:  Your Agency Administrator is responsible for resetting your passwords. Please seek out further assistance from our Support Team by clicking the support button below, if you can not get your password reset by the Agency Administrator.

Report Issues

Q: If I’m having issues running a report, who should I contact?

A: Please click the Support button below, fill out and click send to inquire about reports and report troubleshooting.


Q:  Does it cost anything to gain access in HMIS?

A:  Yes. The CoC adopted a program fee (per license) early 2016. Please contact us for details of the fee structure and procedures.

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