The HMIS Lead Agency, in conjunction with the CoC and key stakeholders, strives to ensure that all users have access to the tools they need to establish and maintain high quality data within the HMIS system.  These tools include regularly scheduled training sessions, data quality reports, encouragements, and enforcements to address non-responsiveness to data quality concerns.  It is the responsibility of the HMIS Lead Agency to prepare and execute the Data Quality Plan (DQP).  The HMIS Lead Agency and the CoC will work together to verify that HMIS data quality is both acknowledged and addressed on an ongoing, iterative, and continual basis and in an objective, data-driven manner.

Data entered into the HMIS is used by the CoC to inform the community, stakeholders, and the overall public about homelessness and efforts to ensure that homelessness is brief, rare, and non-recurring – therefore, a high standard of HMIS data quality is imperative.  The HMIS Lead Agency will ensure that the facets of the DQP are measurable, actionable, and iterative.  The primary indicators of data quality – timeliness, completeness, accuracy, and consistency – will be monitored. Additionally, reports regarding primary indicators of data quality will be disseminated to Agency Liaisons for the applicable project types addressed in the Scope of the DQP.  It is the goal of the HMIS Lead Agency for all HMIS users to be aware of their influence on data quality and support practices that ensure all data within the HMIS system is reliable and high quality, as defined by the data quality benchmarks described in the DQP.

View and download the current Data Quality Plan below.

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