Community Snapshot – BETA


Central Florida Community Snapshot on Homelessness

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness (CFCH)  and the HMIS team is excited to present the Community Snapshot on Homelessness. This new interactive tool can help tell the story of homelessness in our community – from demographics, to performance indicators, and a historical lookback to previous years.

In addition to highlighting data about people experiencing homelessness in our community, we encourage users to explore and ask new questions about homelessness with this tool. Whether comparing data year to year, drilling down to specific populations, or guiding our narratives about barriers we face to ending homelessness, we all can gain valuable insight from our ability to ask questions of our data. 

This soft launch starts with the beta version of the Community Snapshot. You are encouraged to send any feedback, questions, or issues to

The Snapshot will be updated at the beginning of every month, and will continue to evolve over time. We appreciate your patience and your feedback as we develop the tool.