Central Florida Continuum of Care Community Dashboard on Homelessness

Continuum of Care (CoC) FL 507  introduces its new Community Dashboard on Homelessness. This Dashboard is an interactive tool that can be used by HMIS and non-HMIS users to understand data related to homelessness and will highlight important statistics including system performance measures.

In addition to highlighting important statistics, we encourage the use of the dashboard to create a shared community understanding of system level measurement and help the CoC track progress towards improvement of their homeless response system with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness.

This soft launch starts with this beta version of the dashboard. Corrections will need to be made and HSN continues to work with the vendor to add additional data and improvements.

You are encouraged to use the instructions below to find out more about how the dashboard works.

We also appreciate your questions and comments which we will use to help improve the dashboard moving forward.

Email your questions and comments to: dashboard@hsncfl.org.